Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I have decided to do reviews of some books which I really enjoy whether they are from ePress-online or not. The first one is: Cross-eyed Dragon Troubles by Gloria Oliver

Title: Cross-eyed Dragon Troubles
Author(s): Gloria Oliver
Publisher: Hard Shell Word Factory
Copyright: 2008
ISBN: 978-0-7599-4463-3
Format: ebook
Genre: Fantasy
Available at: Fictionwise and Amazon

Will Talia be able to handle the unwanted apprenticeship she has been given with the prestigious Dragon Knight's Guild? Is the Administrator, Lareen, as flighty as she seems? Is Nertek, the store keeper, really such a bad fellow? And why can’t Clarence and Kel bond? These questions and more are answered throughout this fantasy using an assortment of strong characters, well described places, and a fast paced story.

The author takes us on a journey from a rural farming village to a school where nothing is really as it seems. Join Talia, Kel and Clarence as they make their way through the twists and turns of this action packed story, filled with Dragons, students, teachers and the horrific Maeloons.

“Talia shivered. Maeloon—savage creatures who inhabited desolate areas of land. She'd heard many stories about the maeloon. It was said they were cursed long ago by the gods for having the tenacity to bite one of them. Because of it, it was their lot to be born insane.” (Chapter 5)

Gloria Oliver has a way with description that makes you see the world she built in your minds eye.

“Almost there, she turned around to take a last look at her parents and her home. As hard as she could, she tried to engrave into her memory the view of the whitewashed house with its sloping porch, the plowed fields with their earthy smell and swaying stalks of wheat and corn, the barn with all the sheep, cows, and horses.” (Chapter 1)

This is a tale that will delight readers of all ages that love a good fantasy set in an unknown world with all the magic and mayhem of a well told story. This book is highly recommended by two avid readers of Fantasy and Science Fiction.

Reviewed by
Joan McNulty Pulver
Margaret I. Carr